Benefits for Staff

Healthy incentives

I worked at a place that had healthy incentives. They had an health website ran by one of the hospital systems in the area. The administrators posted challenges that employees could do, such as eat the heart healthy lunch instead of pizza, take the stairs instead of the elevator, eat X amount of fruits and veggies through the week, register for an employee walk around campus, get a health screen, cancer screen, etc. You had to register for each challenge and mark that that you completed it. You could also chat with other employees on the site. Many times the challengers were honor system. They also may have only lasted for a week or two, but sometimes for several months. Each completed challenge was worth points. There were 3 point scales: gold, bronze, silver, each with different benefits to the employee. The biggest benefits were several hundred dollars off health premiums for the year and earning PTO hours. I thought this was fun and engaging. It was nice to have the challenges and it motivated me to stay on track with myself because I wanted that insurance discount and I really wanted extra PTO.



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