Retention and Promotion of Staff

Job levels or scales

I am a research technician with a master's degree. There is no where to go in this position at IUPUI. I think for these types of positions, there should be various levels to which people are hired and can be promoted. For example, at other places, bachelor's level degrees are hired in as hourly employees and master's level science degrees are hired in as salaried employees. Each level has levels. Research technicians can go from 1-3 (hourly) and research assistants can go from 1-3 (salary) and finally be promoted to lab manager. Each level has higher pay and is based on degree, experience, and the current needs of the position. I feel like my degree is undervalued as it gets no recognition in a job title. I feel that clocking is demeaning to me as a person. I had to clock in when I worked at McDonald's in high school and college. And now I have a "career" and I have to clock in? Furthermore, science doesn't work that way. Sometimes, as a scientist, you have to keep weird hours; it isn't always 9-5. Moreover, the pay for these positions is not fair market value. They are a few thousand dollars a year below their peers. I love my job at IUPUI and I love my boss, the department, my coworkers, etc., but the moment I find something that pays more, I am leaving. Thus I feel that there should be pay levels/job levels for these types of positions. Furthermore, it seems that they are rarely reviewed for a raise or progress report. Regular pay increases and bonuses are nice incentives, no matter how small. Or an extra paid day off work. Those small little acts make me more loyal, and recommend my employer to others.



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