Retention and Promotion of Staff

Stop With These "Lateral" Moves

I was "promoted" to a different department. When I was first approached about the position and an interview was schedule, I was told the position was a higher pay than what I made previously. But when I was hired I was told because I worked within the university the position would be considered a lateral move and I would not qualify for more money. I took the position because I was unhappy at the other position, but now I do twice as much work for the exact same pay; while in the back of my mind I know for a FACT that if I was an outside hire I would've gotten what was promised in the beginning of the process. You can't keep or promote your staff if you're not going to pay them what they're worth or pay them for the job they do. This really needs to change. Unfortunately, I'm not the only person within the university that's had to deal with this. In fact, many people in my department have encountered this same issue.



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