Development of Staff Talent

What resources are needed to achieve this vision?

How do we foster an environment for further development of staff talent?

"IUPUI will become an employer of choice by 2025 through its staff development office programs such as professional and career development, mentoring, and continuing education."


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    resources to attend school and accept more credits for life long learning. encouragement of taking IT training.

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    Also, staff need to be able to volunteer for activities WITHOUT ALWAYS having to make up the time. We do a lot of extraordinary tasks, but we do not receive recognition for these activities on our annual evaluations (yes, we can write it in, but many supervisors won't input that data). The "credit" for these activities should be done in a such a way so that subjective, unprofessional supervisors aren't the ones who decide to give kudos (or not) to staff. We need an objective, third party who can oversee this, so people get credit for what they do. Permit staff to receive development training that has a FUTURE here. I'm not talking about UITS training alone, though that may be a training avenue for some staff. Sometimes staff need more complex, motivational, and far-reaching resources/training in order to develop; worse still, development only happens for some employees. Some staff at Human Resources cannot be objective and fair; they protect faculty, and do not help non-faculty staff (that is, we need new employees at HR in charge of non-tenure track staff, so staff actually have a shot at fair, equitable, ethical and motivational treatment).

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