Retention and Promotion of Staff

What resources are needed to achieve this vision?

How can we retain and promote our staff?

“IUPUI will become an employer of choice by 2025 if staff are recognized as a valued investment, are evaluated and awarded for their performance and are given priority in promotion and transfer thereby allowing them to reach their fullest potential.”


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    University must dedicate resources for staff professional development. It can't always be up to the units to decide how to divvy out the funds.

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    Community Member

    Education is important and those not having a bachelor's degree but have experience should be able to apply, with the intent they continue their education ...

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    Josh Morrison

    1. Create career ladders in all job families outside faculty roles.

    2. Require supervisors to undergo yearly training on staff supervision, evaluation, and performance management/motivation.

    3. Require staff evaluations every 6 months.

    4. Create or publicize an existing mechanism for employees to provide feedback to administration on their work experiences.

    5. Ensure all new positions are posted with IU staff only as candidates first; if a qualified internal applicant cannot be found, then open to the public.

    6. Provide sufficient professional development funds and time to use them so that staff can gain important skills, knowledge, and abilities.

    These suggestions represent my own views and are not representative of any other individual or group.

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