Work/Life Balance for Staff

What people/departments are responsible for implementing vision?

How can we create a work/life balance for staff?

"By 2025, IUPUI will be an employer of choice by making strategic investments in programs and personnel to establish a workplace which respects the value and importance of work life balance for all employees."


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    Staff should be given the opportunity to work from home at least one day per month. This could be monitored by they online activity and objectives for the day, as set out by the staff member and supervisor.

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    Josh Morrison

    The campus must provide job-shares and other means to allow individuals to continue to serve the campus while cutting back on job duties in order to attend to family, health, or other matters.

    In addition, the campus must invest in transportation infrastructure to make getting to and from the workplace easier, faster, and safer. The traffic on NY and MI streets is unsafe and there are few ways to avoid it, particularly on the west side of campus (W of University Blvd.). If we are to get "mega-deck" parking structures off-site, they must allow someone who parks there at 7:45 to get to their desk no later than 8 am, otherwise they won't be utilized.

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    The campus must provide a way of getting us up, and away from our chairs during some portion of the work day. In order for us to stay healthy and productive, we cannot sit as much as a vast majority of us do. More walking meetings, more standing desks, something to help us stay more healthy.

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