Work/Life Balance for Staff

What must be done to achieve this vision?

How can we create a work/life balance for staff?

"By 2025, IUPUI will be an employer of choice by making strategic investments in programs and personnel to establish a workplace which respects the value and importance of work life balance for all employees."


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    In order to become an "employer of choice" among young adults, IUPUI needs to offer an official family leave program in the employee benefits package. That new parents have to use their saved sick leave and FMLA to stay home with newborns does not attest to a "respect for the value of work-life balance."

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    An office culture that supports working out during your lunch hour or coming in later due to morning workout. Though we profess flex time, reality at the department level (at least in my three positions on campus) is that it frowned upon and traditional and arbitrary hours of 8-5 are still very much expected and the norm. Leadership, senior administration needs to actually ACCEPT and EMBRACE flex time for employees to have better work/life balance.

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