Benefits for Staff

What must be done to achieve this vision?

How can we strive for excellent benefits for our staff?

"By 2025, the benefit program the university offers will be adaptable to individual needs and must recognize the evolution of the family."


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    The IUPUI employee benefits package should offer an official family leave program, which could be adapted to meet the needs of different family situations. New parents should not have to use all of their saved sick leave and FMLA to stay home with newborns (or newly adopted children). This does not meet employee needs, nor does it show that IUPUI recognizes the importance of supporting employees' families.

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    1. The creation of a plan that would allow employees to share PTO or would create a PTO bank would provide a safety net for those who do not have enough PTO of their own to cover emergency situations. This type of a program would provide employees with greater peace of mind and create a greater sense of community among employees.

    2. The fee courtesy program should also include a waiver of the various fees that are charges for taking a class. While the current fee courtesy program will cover all or much of the tuition costs, the fees can still add up to a significant sum of money, which can discourage lower-paid staff members from pursuing courses that would enable them to get a better-paying position.

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      Ruby Leonne

      I agree ghmobley. As a lower-paid staff member, and while the fee courtesy does help it doesn't nearly cover all the cost. Because I work full time, and with the current financial situation (personal and public) a four year degree has now became an eight year degree. At this point, I can't be promoted from my current position because I don't have my degree. It's certainly a catch 22.

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      Community Member

      I agree with sharing PTO. It would be such a benefit/gift to get PTO from another if you had a serious situation and needed more than your earned time off, or if someone just wanted to donate it because they didn't use it. At my previous employer, donated PTO hours were paid at the donators salary level too; so if a physician donated PTO to an employee, that person got paid at the physicians pay scale for the hours.

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    Community Member

    Allowing staff to cash out PTO. As commented earlier, those who earn 285 hrs/year cannot possibly take all of the available time, even deducting the 96 that can be rolled into sick time. This could be capped at 40 hours cashed out per year to manage costs. This would be an EXCELLENT benefit and retention tool as employees could benefit from the time and not lose it.

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