Development of Staff Talent

What must be done to achieve this vision?

How do we foster an environment for further development of staff talent?

"IUPUI will become an employer of choice by 2025 through its staff development office programs such as professional and career development, mentoring, and continuing education."


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    Josh Morrison

    1. RCs must have policies that encourage and do not penalize in any way employees that wish to participate in professional development/mentoring/continuing education.

    2. Supervisors must be trained to understand this as an ongoing need.

    3. Culture must be changed to note that professional development/career development, mentoring and continuing education are just as important for many staff as they are for faculty.

    4. RCs must devote a percentage of their base budgets to supporting staff to participate in local, regional, and national professional organizations and conferences. It cannot be that one RC funds staff at a high level where across the street the staff have no access to these opportunities.

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    Community Member

    - defined career paths should be developed for staff who wish to move up through the university (i.e. asst. to the chair to grant associate; administrative support specialist to development officer; department secretary to academic advisor). With no clear path, quality staff become discouraged and leave the university for other career opportunities.

    - more support and encouragement should be provided to staff who wish to move within the university.

    - training and specializing programs should be created for staff. There is nearly no professional development training for staff at IUPUI now.

    - agree with Mr. Morrison above - a culture change must occur. University must recognize that staff are as important to success as faculty.

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