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What are metrics/performance indicators for measuring success?

How do we foster an environment for further development of staff talent?

"IUPUI will become an employer of choice by 2025 through its staff development office programs such as professional and career development, mentoring, and continuing education."


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  1. 1. Total cost to enroll in a 3-credit hour bearing course.

    2. Total cost of non-instructional fees for each course.

    3. Percentage of staff at IUPUI using tuition benefit by classification (CL, TE, NU, PA, etc.).

    4. Voluntary departure among all staff types, disaggregated by RC.

    5. Number and percentage of staff participating in professional development activities.

    6. Policies on professional development leave harmonized across RCs. Requirement that RCs have a policy where staff can, without penalty or disadvantage, complete professional development activities either during or outside working hours.

    7. Quality of programs for professional development as determined by peer reviews and participant feedback.

    8. Qualitative reviews of professional development and its role in internal hiring, promotion.

    9. Established peer mentoring program (see Jaguar Academic Advising Association's AMP for one model).

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