Retention and Promotion of Staff

What are metrics/performance indicators for measuring success?

How can we retain and promote our staff?

“IUPUI will become an employer of choice by 2025 if staff are recognized as a valued investment, are evaluated and awarded for their performance and are given priority in promotion and transfer thereby allowing them to reach their fullest potential.”


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    Staff need to be able to afford IUPUI tuition & fees to continually take classes; staff need to be able to use work time for IUPUI/community endeavors; all managers must be evaluated in terms of their managerial competency (this would of course include the requisite of developing staff) and IU/IUPUI Administration must institutionalize these pro-employee endeavors. Objective measures of work done must be utilized in order to measure performance; these measures MUST be standardized across the campus in some fair & ethical manner, so that the current good ol' boy system which pays homage to favoritism and personalization can be fully expunged a means of measuring staff talent, commitment, and energies.

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    I would love to have an annual performance evaluation - the problem is my supervisor has no idea what I do on a day to day basis, nor does he act like he cares. For this reason there's no way of having a fair evaluation to merit any type of raise making a raise improbable. Supervisors really should know what each staff member does and appreciate how much work they actually do, especially when we're all supposed to be a team.

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